The Emergent Process

We start with a deep assessment on specific capability areas. Both the founders and many of the team members participate in these assessments. Then we jointly develop an execution roadmap to enhance key capabilities and identify key activities, metrics and goals.

Assessment & Roadmap

We work with you to assess overall strategy and business health, identify key business metrics and help establish key milestones and roadmap towards your goals.

Product Design

We help assess, strategize and enable you with the user-centric design principles and methodologies to help meet business goals while bringing value with delightful users.


We help enhance your marketing capabilities and provide mentoring in areas such as growth process modeling, retention and cohort analysis, experiment driven growth and effective customer acquisition.


We help you craft an effective strategy and pitch for follow on fundraising. We also help you connect with the investors suitable for your company.

Network Access

Emergent has a built a strong community of friends and supporters. They are there to help you reach out to prospective customers, mentors and hires. We have also created a whetted network of service providers for marketing, legal and back office operations.

Continued Learning

We have established an ongoing learning community for sharing learning and best practices among the companies. We also regularly do special events with a focus on learning.

Inner Management

We help you cultivate practical tools to manage your body, mind, emotions, and energy that have worked for successful entrepreneurs.

"Emergent will truly act as a partner to help your venture grow! We've had the pleasure of working with great investors but what is rare about Ankur is that he will go a step beyond and hustle for you!"

Apurv Agrawal, Co-founder & CEO Squadrun

What We Value


Capable and self-aware team with clarity of thought and action.


User-centric approach that delivers high value and impact.


Substantial potential for growth.


Company has a path to profitability.

Drive to be better

Ceaseless seeking for newer and better ways to be and to do.


Enables inclusion and wellbeing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sectors do you invest in?

    We invest in IT and IT enabled businesses. We especially like enterprise tech - IT infrastructure, data management, security and business applications.

  • What stage do you invest?

    We are comfortable investing very early even when the idea is not fully developed. We often collaborate with entrepreneurs on developing and testing hypotheses and fleshing out the idea.

  • Where do you conduct your growth catalyst meets?

    We conduct them in silicon valley.