Founders, determine COVID impact granularly and adapt!

There’s a lot being said and written about the impact of the current COVID-19 induced economic crisis on SaaS businesses, and how founders and management should react. Many teams have already made the first adjustments. One thing that deserves more attention is that...

The Emergent Pulse: A Tale of Two Geographies

Here is our December 2019 update. It went out to our ecosystem earlier this week. If you'd like to hear from us a few times a year, please subscribe here. Hello there, 2019 is almost over. It’s been the year in which startups with cross-geography models have truly...

Founder’s Guide on Product Management – Part Deux

Early Stage product development is hard. Over the years, I have collected a few techniques that helped me navigate the infinite search space and prune it down to a tractable one. Most of these techniques apply for enterprise product management.   Category...

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